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All contract staff is required to provide a weekly status update of their performance. Use the above link to submit your detailed activity.

Incumbent Staff Guidance

Incumbent staff guidance

If you are employed or engaged by the incumbent contractor, either Premier Management or MFR Consultants, welcome to Team FedSync. In processing you over from the incumbent contract to this new contract, we are required to take a set of actions to ensure that we meet contractual requirements. You may have already been asked by your incumbent employer to complete certain pieces of documents for transferring your badge over to the new contract, please complete the below noted procedures.

For all incumbent staff, we require the following [Must be completed by March 3rd 2019];

a) complete a data call for transferring/joining the project and team FedSync, with your particulars [link - click here]

b) complete DOT form 1600.8 - see data call link

c) current resume, in MS Word format [please be sure to provide your current home address and each employer/work-site address] - see data call link

Pre-screen/Hire Check

Pre-screen Check

Pre-screening of Contractor Employees - Per DOT FedSync must pre-screen individuals designated for employment under any DOT contract by verifying minimal suitability requirements to ensure that only quality candidates are considered for contract employment, and to mitigate the burden on the Government of conducting background investigations on objectionable applicants. The contractor must exercise due diligence in pre-screening all employees prior to submission to DOT for agency access. DOT may decline to grant agency access to a contractor employee for reasons including, but not limited to:


  • Conviction of a felony, a crime of violence, or amisdemeanor involving moral amplitude.

  • Falsification of information entered on forms or of other documents submitted.

  • Improper conduct including criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or notoriously disgraceful conduct or other conduct adverse to the Government regardless of whether the conduct is directly related to the contract.

  • Any behavior judged to pose a potential threat to DOT facilities, sensitive information, information systems or other resources.

Adjudication Must Know

Adjudication Must Know

Agency Access Denied - Upon contract award, DOT will initiate the agency access procedure for all contractor employees requiring access to DOT facilities, sensitive information, information systems and other DOT resources for contract performance. DOT may deny agency access to any individual about whom an adverse suitability determination is made. Failure to submit the required security information or to truthfully answer all questions shall constitute grounds for denial of access. The contractor must not provide agency access to contractor employees until the COTR or CO provides notice of approval, which is authorized only by the DOT Office of Security (M-40) or a DOT organization delegated authority by M-40.

Background Investigation and Adjudication - The contractor employee must have a favorable adjudication of background investigation before DOT will issue an ID card to the contractor employee granting access to DOT facilities, sensitive information, information systems or other DOT resources. DOT may accept favorable adjudications of background investigations from other Federal agencies when applicants have held PIV cards issued by those agencies with no break in service.

Risk and Sensitivity Level Designations - For contracts requiring access to DOT facilities, sensitive information, information systems or other DOT resources, the contractor employees will be required to complete background investigations, identity proofing, and government identification card application procedures to determine suitability for access. DOT will assign a risk and sensitivity level designation to the overall contract and/or to contractor employee positions by category, group or individual. The risk and sensitivity level designations will be the basis for determining the level of personnel security processing required for contractor employees.

New Employe Adjudication

New Employee Application Process

New Employee Identification Card Application Process - The applicant must complete a DOT on-line application for a PIV card. The applicant must appear in-person to provide two forms of identity source documents in original form to DOT. The identity source documents must come from the list of acceptable documents included in Form 1-9, OMB No. 1115-0136, Employment Eligibility Verification. At least one document must be a valid State or Federal government-issued picture identification. For a PIV card, the applicant may be required to appear in-person a second time for enrollment and activation. The following documentation must be completed by the applicant and approved by FedSync and/or employer, before providing to DOT for processing. All requirements must be complete within 24 hours of notification



  • All signatures must be manually signed and then document scanned back in as a PDF

  • All documents must be Typed and NOT hand written

  • If a document doesn't have a signature block, return it in the format provided.

  • Repeated request for documentation will be reported to the selection official and could negatively affect your further consideration for the position.

  • The FMCSA security process is a very fast paced and aggressive process, please ensure to monitor your emails several times daily.

  • If are experiencing ANY issues with completing paperwork, first address all questions with your employer, then all questions must be directed to

Required Documents:

  1. Checklist -  Provided by FMCSA, please review and follow [link]

  2. DOT 1600.8 [link]

    • This form is a personnel security request which initiates a security investigation

    • Complete all areas noted below

    • All areas of the form must be typed and not hand written
      -    Job title [provided by FedSync for the contract role]
      -    First, middle and last name
      -    Date of birth, city, state and country
      -    Social security
      -    Valid email address
      -    Valid phone number for quick reach
      -    If your name is hyphenated it must be the same way on all forms. If you DO NOT put hyphen, it will be processed without on

  3. OF306​ [link]

    • The document must be a written signature. Electronically signed forms will not be accepted.

    • If you are a male born after December 31, 1959, you must complete questions 7a-7c, if the answer to 7b is no you MUST describe the reason in item 16.

    • The information collected on this form is used to determine your acceptability for Federal employment. Please sign 17a only.

    • If you answer yes to any questions 9-15 a full detailed explanation must be provided in item 16, a separate attachment if needed can be submitted. If this is a federal debt, details including payment plan must be included along with the full payment address and dates.

  4. Resume ​

    • Please be sure to include your complete home address AND the address of ALL your employers. If the resume is submitted without the employer addresses will be rejected. ​

  5. DOT 1681 [link]

    • Ensure that both areas of the form have been signed and dated ​

  6. DOT 1631​ [link]

    • Signature must be written. Electronically signed forms and not be accepted ​

  7. Privacy Rights​ [link]

    • Print, complete, execute, scan back as pdf.​


    • Pages 7&8 must be returned and signed.

    • LEGIBLE copies of documents for I9, reference page 9 of 9 on I9 form

    • You must include a valid passport or a valid driver’s license and social

    • If documents are not included, entire package will be returned

  9. ​Fingerprints 

    • This will be arranged by the FMCSA Security Program Manager 

      • If you are outside the DC Headquarters area, a fingerprint card kit will be mailed to you. 

      • If you are within the DC Headquarters area, you will be scheduled to come in for fingerprints. 

    • Please follow all instructions received with fingerprint kit.

    • Fingerprints must be sent back UPS or FEDEX (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

    • Delays in return of fingerprints will result in delays of your onboarding 

    • Ensure that all demographics are completed and please PRINT all sections in black or blue ink and stay within the margins that have been provided 

    • 2 cards must be sent back per person (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

    • Return the package to the following address: Jeanette Boulware, USDO/FMCSA, 1200 New Jersey, SE, Room W66-465, Washington DC 20590. 

  10. eQIP​

    • This is issued after all above paperwork is verified.

    • eQIP must be completed within 24 hours of invitation, do not access this without official email.

      • Please note that if corrections are needed, they will need to be updated and returned ASAP

    • Ensure to put your current employer’s name and not FMCSA

      • Example: Name of employer should be your current contracting agency [Federal Integrated Systems Corporation] . Be sure to include the full address [5680 King Centre Drive, Suite 600, Alexandria, Virginia 22315], phone [877-523-7059] etc.

      • Position type: Federal Contractor

    • Please ensure that there are no gaps in dates of employment or the residence

    • When typing in any address on the document please be sure that the address is complete (Ave, Court, Street, or Circle) If that information is not provided then the e-QIP will be rejected and you have to go back and make the corrections

    • If you are married you must include your spouse’s social security number. If this is not provided the e-QIP will be rejected and you will have to go back and make the corrections

    • E-QIP must be released to the agency, once that is completed you must sign and return the signature pages back to the specialist (Jeanette Boulware)

    • If are experiencing ANY issues with completing the e-QIP all questions must be directed to

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