Project Showcase


The below is synopsis of some of the work that we are doing for our clients. We hope this will show the bredth of our services. We are happy to give you a more detailed presentation in line with your requirements.

Federal Aviation Administration


Aviation Flight Standards Office (AFS) within Aviation Safety (AVS)

NAICS: 541614

Requirement: Quality Management Systems Support 

  • Financial and Statistical Analysis of Aviation data

  • Gather and analyze data exchange products

  • Data integration across multiple systems

  • Requirements gathering for custom database development and conversion

  • Data conversion from legacy systems, testing database, validation and verification

  • SharePoint design/development/maintain


FedSync Support: 

  • Staff the contract with Business Analyst, SharePoint Administrator, and Senior Engineer

  • Managed multiple locations, including DC and Oklahoma

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) support in line with ISO 9001:2008

  • Helping the division to create 508 compliant web pages and documents

  • Assisting with requirements gathering activities and helping to write functional requirements documents for applications

  • Extending an application that supports audit scheduling activities to support multi-year operations and an ability to export data to MS Excel

  • Assist regional FAA offices with national programs

  • Providing design and analysis of aviation economic, financial, and statistical data

  • Extract,transform and load information to support data analysis in preparation for audits, and formal reviews

FedSync earned Exceptional ratings on our final Past Performance Questionnaire.

Transporation Security Administration


Office of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

NAICS: 541219 

Requirement: Financial Management & Accounting Services

TSA requires ongoing support to assist in managing and reporting of their $4 billion UDO population. The team is tasked to remediate deficiencies, manage the UDO population and provide ongoing Audit Readiness and Liaison support.


FedSync Support: 

FedSync provides funds management, accounting, financial research and analysis, and audit readiness support to TSA. FedSync with it’s team members has worked to manage and validate quarterly 100% of the $4 billion and growing Un-delivered Orders (UDO) population. The team has initiated and managed procedures to assist TSA in it’s proactive management of UDO balances; as well, designed new testing processes, integrated mock audits, provided ongoing audit support, and provided valuable accounting and budget reconciliation and reporting support.

FedSync earned Exceptional ratings on our Past Performance Questionnaire from the prime.

Department of Interior


Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

NAICS: 541512

Requirement: Network Performance Management

The scope of this effort focuses on the Discovery, and Analysis of the As-Is network behavior at key DOI locations to gain a better understanding of the Wide Area Network characteristics. The support follows fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security (FCAPS) framework as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Telecommunications Management Network model for all specific tasks.


FedSync Support: 

  • Provide Expert Network Engineers and Project Management Support

  • Locate problems such as re-transmissions or protocol negotiations

  • Locate and identify traffic bottlenecks resulting in dropped packets

  • Identify and remediate miss-addressing or other traffic disruption configurations

  • Identify and document changes to the network on a granular, per circuit basis

  • Conduct what-if studies to determine whether the existing infrastructure can support new growth or the roll-out of new service plans

  • Accurately forecast when capacity may be saturated

  • Assess the impact of traffic on individual links or hardware components in the network

  • Build a business case for capital expenditures

  • Balance the deployment of services across the infrastructure

  • Make data-driven decisions based on actual flow metrics

FedSync earned Very Good ratings on our interim CPARS.

Department of the Interior

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

NAICS: 541611

Requirement: Financial Specialist Services 

DOI/OCIO requires expert Financial, Budget and Administrative services to assist OCIO in comprehensive financial analysis, reconciliation of WCF/reimbursable obligations, keying data in financial systems (FBMS), customer management and funds collection, budget execution, administrative/reception services, and more.


FedSync Support: 

  • FedSync provides expert level resources with financial and budget federal experience to ensure timely and complete reconciliation and analysis, leading to timely access to reporting information, recovery of funds, and providing single point of accountability.

  • Managed numerous RSAs and Inter Agency Agreements

  • Drafted, Created and Maintain PRs in hard copy and financial systems

  • Inventory receipt and tracking of high value technology assets

  • Continuous reconciliation of numerous obligations, spanning multiple Bureaus under DOI, with 100% accuracy from FBMS, IPACs and internally managed cuff records

  • Budget execution tracking of more than $50 Million


FedSync earned Very Good ratings on our final Past Performance Questionnaire.

Department of Interior


Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

NAICS: 541511

Requirement: Cybersecurity Operations Support 

DOI’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Cybersecurity Branch is charged with protecting DOI’s information systems from ever evolving Cyber Threats. The Cybersecurity Branch continuously evolves, develops, and updates its Cybersecurity capabilities in order to most effectively mitigate constantly evolving threats. The objective of this requirement is for DOI to obtain Cybersecurity professionals to perform Cybersecurity Operations Services to support the Cybersecurity Branch in protecting DOI’s information systems and data.


FedSync Support: 

  • Develop and implement technical solutions, utilizing existing security hardware and software.

  • Research and evaluate technologies to enhance security controls.

  • Recommend enhancements to network security hardware, software, processes, and procedures.

  • Implement procedures and processes to provide management reporting of the effectiveness of network security controls.

  • Provide technical expertise in security incident response

  • Monitor alerts from DOI security systems to identify security incidents on DOI network and systems.

  • Performing network and system forensics.

  • Provide Security Continuous Monitoring for DOI IT systems.

  • Expertise in supporting Federal and Security audits and assessments.

FedSync earned Very Good ratings on our final CPARS.

General Services Administration


Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)

NAICS: 541219

Requirement: Financial Analyst Support Services

The GSA, Office of the CFO, Zone 3 requires onsite support for data entry, research, reporting, financial analysis, and reconciliation. The service center provides a wide variety of financial support services to Regions 8, 9, and 10.

FedSync Support: 

FedSync’s support includes: data entry into financial systems; financial analysis and research; compilation and preparation of financial documentation; maintaining and reconciling accounts; performing account close out procedures; preparing reports and statements; designing, developing, operating, or inspecting accounting systems; prescribing accounting standards, policies, and requirements; examining, analyzing and interpreting accounting data; and assisting management on accounting and financial management matters.

Our management team initiated a completely new requirement at GSA, staffed with four (4) new Financial Analysts, managed staffing for the Auburn, Washington office from the DC HQ, and quarterly traveled to meet the customer staff. 

FedSync earned Exceptional ratings on our final CPARS.