Our Story

Who, When, Where and Why FedSync?
And then came the entrepreneur.

Our CEO and President, Rahul Jindal, started Federal Integrated Systems Corporation (FEDSYNC) before he ever decided to be an entrepreneur. He would ultimately set out to take on a challenge which is exponentially bigger than him and it's just like him to do so.


Mr. Jindal founded the firm in 2007 and really took helm in 2010 when he left IBM. His reason for taking helm were simple, take on the big firms and win. Which is easier said than done. As he continued to provide his services to clients selflessly, he began to understand what it really means to be an entrepreneur. 


He gave the organization structure, a plan, a vision, a reason to be and a reason to win. FEDSYNC has come to be an organization which empowers all to innovate, challenge and succeed. A firm focused on teaming, relationship building, taking risk together to reap the rewards together, and above all community focused.


Mr. Jindal is known to take on challenges from vision and idea to solutions and execution. We hope to partner with you for your succession.

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HQ Office and Mailing Location:

5680 King Centre Drive
Suite 600
Alexandria, Virginia 22315
United States of America

Phone: 1877-523-7059 x 101

Tysons Corner Shared Office:

8000 Towers Crescent Dr 
Suite 1700
Vienna, Virginia 22182
United States of America

Phone: 1877-523-7059 x 101